Commit f6d95d16 authored by Alexander Dubovskoy's avatar Alexander Dubovskoy

Revert "Update gulpfile.js / именованная функция для twig"

This reverts commit 80b0165c.
parent 80b0165c
......@@ -40,20 +40,15 @@ function scss() {
function twig() {
return run('drush cr');
function watchFiles() {
scss();, gulp.series('scss'));
// Clear cache if something inside .twig || .theme was changed[paths.styles.twig, "*.theme"], gulp.series('twig'));[paths.styles.twig, "*.theme"], run('drush cr'));
exports.scss = scss;
exports.twig = twig; = exports.default = watchFiles;
\ No newline at end of file = exports.default = watchFiles;
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